Cloudmine Cloudmine


Handmade in Poland brush with natural hair decorated with our cloud sign.

It is made of plant raw materials. Beech wood frame, filled with natural fiber of an agave cactus. Intended for dry and wet body massage.

Good for vegans.
The brush should be stored in a dry place. After wet massage, leave it to dry in the dry place with the bristles pointing up.

Use every morning as a pretext to stretch a sleepy body during a massage that will stimulate circulation, help to exfoliate the old skin and cleanse the skin of impurities. At the same time, it supports the work of the lymphatic system.

Start massage from toes to the top. Don’t forget about your stomach and back. Using on the neckline is not recommended for all skin types – you can gently check how your will react.

We recommend regular use – then the skin receives daily stimulus for regeneration.

PRICE: €21.00

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